1. Download and extract the binary distribution package of dcm4chee:

2. Download the binary distribution package of JBoss Application Server 4.2.3.GA:

3. Copy files from JBoss to dcm4chee:

4. Install the Database Software and create the DCM4CHEE Database:


5. Deploy the Audit Record Repository (ARR)

6. Set environment variable JAVA_HOME to JDK location.

7. Optional: Adjust maximum allocation of heap memory:

8. Mac OSX and Windows x64 specific changes for the WADO service:

9. Test the installation:

10. Login into web interface:

11. Login to JMX Console:

11-2. Login to arr Console:

12. Optional: Change the default AE Title

13. Optional: Configure image compression:

14. Optional: Modify web image cache directories:

15. Optional: Allow remote access:

16. Test DICOM storage:

17. Test object retrieval:

18. Install as a service: